Experienced in and known for a multitude of construction solutions for a variety of complex projects from residential to industrial.

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Our years of expertise in various fields allow SOLCON to be proficient in and recognized for its project management and supervision qualities.

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Our environmental and sustainability professional services will allow your company and SOLCONĀ  to be the stewards for change and for a better world.

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SOLCON is looking to become the industry leader as a solutions partner by managing client expectations and delivering successful results. We will excel at every opportunity provided and dedicate our efforts to the highest return on investment.

SOLCON will focus on operating in four key areas: safety, quality, teamwork, and efficient productivity. Safety is always number one priority and will never be deviated from. From a quality perspective, we will always guarantee to exceed the expectations and requirements therefore providing our clients with a job well done and a desire to work together again. Internally, all business partners and employees provide a variety of characteristics and using these attributes in our operations will provide keys to success. Productivity wise, our broad experience in our fields allows us to adhere to stricter deadlines and always meet the client needs and timelines.

Our team has a multitude of certifications and a wealth of knowledge gained from training in various areas. To complement this experience, our representatives will conduct themselves with integrity and make sure to have the highest standards for our personal and business relationships.

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